When not outright lying  or making up “stuff”, the administration is practicing a form of manipulation known as “Gaslighting”.

Gaslighting is just one of the many weapons of a person or group or persons hell-bent on having their way, even if it means doing so by subtle and covert means of conning others. Aggressive personalities will do whatever it takes to secure and maintain a position of advantage over others.

Deception is often the key ingredient in manipulation. Deception can be accomplished by outright denial, distortion of key aspects of events. Such deception is practiced by the occupants of the White House daily.

The thugs in the administration aren’t even cousins with the truth; so, they have their facts, we have ours.


The game is afoot. First the U.S. Department of State includes Mar-a-Lago on its website to promote the values of this country. Next is the Treasury Department's goal of issuing new $20 bills with Mar-a-Lago on the back of the bill.

The new Trump 20 wiretapping microwave